Why are you here? What is that thing inside you that gives you energy? You LOVE to do it!!! …It’s that thing that when you do it; it propels you from the front and lifts you up from behind… …and instead of draining you of energy it fuels your energy!!! It builds you up and springs you forward!!! What is that thing? Identify it now because THAT’S what you were made for!!! THAT is your PURPOSE!!! Find it now and then direct your life into something that has to do with that thing. If you direct your life into something that really truly MATTERS to YOU, you’re going to WANT to do the work all the time, so you are going to get good at it just by accident… You are going to excel in it because you will be doing something you truly LOVE!

That’s what “purposelearn.com” is all about! It’s about helping you to find your best possible life by putting you in front of what, quite possibly, could be the proverbial mirror of your truest self, and from that, you can learn your purpose! How do you do that?

To sum it up in the simplest way, the first thing to do is to complete each type of questionnaire offered by this website AND those offered by the links we’ve included for each category. When you are finished with all the questionnaires, you will have enough information about yourself to be able to draw up the blueprint from which you should build YOUR life, and plan a course to get qualified, so you can DO WHAT YOU LOVE!

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