APTITUDE TESTING – What kind of smart are you?

Aptitude can be described as having eight different variables:

1.) LINGUISTICS: “Word Smart.” Abilities in communication (verbal and nonverbal) and writing.
2.) LOGICAL: “Number Smart.” Cognitive and mathematical abilities or the ability to think logically and solve problems.
3.) INTERPERSONAL/SOCIAL: “People Smart.” Interpersonal communication skills and the abilities to get along with others.
4.) INTRAPERSONAL: “Self Smart.” The ability to understand the self.
5.) MUSICAL: “Music Smart.” Music, drama, dance and creative writing.
6.) VISUAL/SPACIAL: “Picture Smart.” The ability to draw, paint, sculpt, etc., and understand multimedia.
7.) NATURALISTIC: “Nature Smart.” The ability to take care of animals and plants.
8.) KINAESTHETIC/PHYSICAL: “Body Smart.” A healthy lifestyle. Understanding the importance of taking care of one’s own body for health and safety, as well as talents in physical activities.


Read through the above list of different types of aptitudes and as you do, think about the one(s) that you find the most interesting… …This/these is/are, more than likely, the area(s) you feel the most comfortable in, and/or you get the most enjoyment from when you do it/them. Write down which type(s) you think you are (in your own opinion – nobody else’s opinion – just yours) so that we can add it to our discovery findings.

Another measure of aptitude is your IQ (Intelligence Quotient).

Click on this link to take a short IQ test: IQ TESTING

Once you finish the aptitude test, write down your results so you can refer to them later.

QUALIFICATIONS – education, specific training/skills, merits., etc.):

Another thing that is important to write down is your own qualifications to date. For example, write down your highest education level and what subject category(ies) you majored in (certificates, merits, degrees, vocational programs, etc.). Even if you have none to write down, that’s okay too. It’s important to identify your starting point right now, before you can draw up the plans to make that journey to getting yourself qualified for YOUR specific purpose… This is another part of the discovery process!

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