Most of the time, a person’s interests and hobbies tend to merge with or have stemmed from a person’s talents…

When you have had a chance to identify your hobbies, talents and interests, you can use that information to access amazing resources that could, potentially, improve most every area of your life. Tasks that include the use of your personal talents have a way of energizing you AND your life!

If you are not completely aware of your mix of talents, there are several different ways to find out what they are. You could start a list and begin writing down those things that come very easy to you. You could listen to those people around you and believe what they are saying about your talents. You could try to be more aware of those topics and things that you just cannot seem to get enough of… …the things that whenever you have free time, you just get sucked into it and lose track of time. Is there a subject matter you just love to talk about?

We have found some awesome quizzes that might help you to confirm what you already know, or help you to figure it out:

1.) Playbuzz: What’s your hidden talent?

2.) Zimbio: What’s your hidden talent?

3.) Quotev: What is your special talent?

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