What kind of personality do you have?

While there are several different types of personality tests and theories these days, one that we find very informative and accurate most of the time is the Myers-Briggs test. It has been used for a very long time in business human resources management departments as well as in entertainment and other subjects.

Once you’ve finished exploring the personality test and have identified what your personality type is, write it down, because you are going to need it to help you to identify your purpose in combination with the other tests you have completed so far.

To learn your Myers-Briggs personality results, click here: Myers Briggs Personality Test

Another, more simplified, approach to identifying your personality type is the DISC model. Click here to learn your DISC personality results: DISC Personality Test

This third personality test is known as the Jung Test. This third test will help you to solidify your results from the other two tests: Jung Personality Test

Once you have finished the personality style quizzes, it’s time to check one last thing before finally identifying your purpose. That one last thing is your current health condition. We all have limitations and our health is one of the most important factors in our ability to do something well. You cannot very well be a farmer if you are allergic to plants and animals. The odds of you singing on key if you are hearing impaired are definitely stacked against you.

So this evaluation of your health, in this last questionnaire will help you to get the final piece of information you need to learn your purpose!