Why are you here? What is that thing inside you that gives you energy? You LOVE to do it!!! …It’s that thing that when you do it; it propels you from the front and lifts you up from behind… …and instead of draining you of energy it fuels your energy!!!


If you think about it, people who have a career or work a job full-time spend MOST of their “waking” life at work; right?!?! To work an 8-hour day, not only do you spend the 8 hours working, but you also spend time traveling to and from work. Not only that, but you also spend time getting yourself groomed and ready for work. After traveling home from work, you may even spend some time recuperating from work.

I guess you could even count your sleeping hours as getting ready or recuperating from work, so let’s face it: When we have a full-time job, it’s going to take up most of our “waking” life. We can either complain about it and feel imposed upon by it, OR… …we can make the best of it! One way to make the best of it is to figure out what career you would be happiest with submitting the bulk of your time to… Find out what career is best suited to your own unique self…

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To find out the USA’s outlook of the career you choose, click on this link:
US Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook

So now that you have a much better idea of what your PURPOSE is, it’s time to GET QUALIFIED.

Click on this link to find a variety of options for making sure you are qualified for the purpose you have chosen: NEXT STEP: GET QUALIFIED!!!